ASCII Table with Descriptions – Machine Vision Software Code Reference

ASCII, acronym for “American Standard Code for Information Interchange”, was developed in the 1960’s but is still in important use today.  (No matter what people say about RS-232, it’s still the appropriate protocol to use sometimes AND it’s still very reliable!)


More often than not, we need access to the ASCII tables when we’re coding our applications in C#.  Therefore, the following is a handy reference that we’d like to share with fellow engineers.


The standard table has 128 characters, using 7-bits with the 8th bit as a parity check.  The term “Extended ASCII Code” is somewhat unclear, as the character set depends on which encoding (ie. language) it is applying to.  If unstated, it typically refers to using the ISO 8859-1 encoding (also known as ISO Latin-1).  It is particularly recommended to thoroughly test when involving the use of “extended ASCII code”.


Also, since it was developed in the 60’s, a lot of the control characters are outdated (unless we bring back the typewriters!).


ASCII Table (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)

000[NUL]Null character
101[SOH]Start of Heading
202[STX]Start of Text
303[ETX]End of Text
404[EOT]End of Transmission
505[ENQ]Enquiry – a response is requested
606[ACK]Acknowledgement – receiver received message
707[BEL]Bell – ring teletypewriter bell, or part of the sound effects from Applesoft days!
909[HT]Horizontal Tab
100A[LF]Line Feed – keep horizontal spacing in next line
110B[VT]Vertical Tab
120C[FF]Form Feed – sets the cursor to the tab of a previous line
130D[CR]Carriage Return – removes all tabs and sets cursor to the first position in the line
140E[SO]Shift Out
150F[SI]Shift In
1610[DLE]Data Line Escape
1711[DC1]Device Control 1 (often X-On)
1812[DC2]Device Control 2
1913[DC3]Device Control 3 (often X-Off)
2014[DC4]Device Control 4
2115[NAK]Negative Acknowledgement – give negative response
2216[SYN]Synchronous Idle
2317[ETB]End of Transmit Block
2519[EM]End of Medium
281C[FS]File Separator
291D[GS]Group Separator
301E[RS]Record Separator
311F[US]Unit Separator
3321!(Printable character)
3422(Printable character)
3523#(Printable character)
3624$(Printable character)
3725%(Printable character)
3826&(Printable character)
3927(Printable character)
4028((Printable character)
4129)(Printable character)
422A*(Printable character)
432B+(Printable character)
442C,(Printable character)
452D(Printable character)
462E.(Printable character)
472F/(Printable character)
48300(Printable character)
49311(Printable character)
50322(Printable character)
51333(Printable character)
52344(Printable character)
53355(Printable character)
54366(Printable character)
55377(Printable character)
56388(Printable character)
57399(Printable character)
583A:(Printable character)
593B;(Printable character)
603C<(Printable character)
613D=(Printable character)
623E>(Printable character)
633F?(Printable character)
6440@(Printable character)
6541A(Printable character)
6642B(Printable character)
6743C(Printable character)
6844D(Printable character)
6945E(Printable character)
7046F(Printable character)
7147G(Printable character)
7248H(Printable character)
7349I(Printable character)
744AJ(Printable character)
754BK(Printable character)
764CL(Printable character)
774DM(Printable character)
784EN(Printable character)
794FO(Printable character)
8050P(Printable character)
8151Q(Printable character)
8252R(Printable character)
8353S(Printable character)
8454T(Printable character)
8555U(Printable character)
8656V(Printable character)
8757W(Printable character)
8858X(Printable character)
8959Y(Printable character)
905AZ(Printable character)
915B[(Printable character)
925C\(Printable character)
935D](Printable character)
945E^(Printable character)
955F_(Printable character)
9660`(Printable character)
9761a(Printable character)
9862b(Printable character)
9963c(Printable character)
10064d(Printable character)
10165e(Printable character)
10266f(Printable character)
10367g(Printable character)
10468h(Printable character)
10569i(Printable character)
1066Aj(Printable character)
1076Bk(Printable character)
1086Cl(Printable character)
1096Dm(Printable character)
1106En(Printable character)
1116Fo(Printable character)
11270p(Printable character)
11371q(Printable character)
11472r(Printable character)
11573s(Printable character)
11674t(Printable character)
11775u(Printable character)
11876v(Printable character)
11977w(Printable character)
12078x(Printable character)
12179y(Printable character)
1227Az(Printable character)
1237B{(Printable character)
1247C|(Printable character)
1257D}(Printable character)
1267E~(Printable character)



Extended ASCII Codes (full 8-bits) for Latin Alphabets

12880(Printable character)
13082(Printable character)
13183ƒ(Printable character)
13284(Printable character)
13385(Printable character)
13486(Printable character)
13587(Printable character)
13688ˆ(Printable character)
13789(Printable character)
1388AŠ(Printable character)
1398B(Printable character)
1408CŒ(Printable character)
1428EŽ(Printable character)
14591(Printable character)
14692(Printable character)
14793(Printable character)
14894(Printable character)
14995(Printable character)
15096(Printable character)
15197(Printable character)
15298˜(Printable character)
15399(Printable character)
1549Aš(Printable character)
1559B(Printable character)
1569Cœ(Printable character)
1589Ež(Printable character)
1599FŸ(Printable character)
161A1¡(Printable character)
162A2¢(Printable character)
163A3£(Printable character)
164A4¤(Printable character)
165A5¥(Printable character)
166A6¦(Printable character)
167A7§(Printable character)
168A8¨(Printable character)
169A9©(Printable character)
170AAª(Printable character)
171AB«(Printable character)
172AC¬(Printable character)
173AD-­­(Printable character)
174AE®(Printable character)
175AF¯(Printable character)
176B0°(Printable character)
177B1±(Printable character)
178B2²(Printable character)
179B3³(Printable character)
180B4´(Printable character)
181B5µ(Printable character)
182B6(Printable character)
183B7·(Printable character)
184B8¸(Printable character)
185B9¹(Printable character)
186BAº(Printable character)
187BB»(Printable character)
188BC¼(Printable character)
189BD½(Printable character)
190BE¾(Printable character)
191BF¿(Printable character)
192C0À(Printable character)
193C1Á(Printable character)
194C2Â(Printable character)
195C3Ã(Printable character)
196C4Ä(Printable character)
197C5Å(Printable character)
198C6Æ(Printable character)
199C7Ç(Printable character)
200C8È(Printable character)
201C9É(Printable character)
202CAÊ(Printable character)
203CBË(Printable character)
204CCÌ(Printable character)
205CDÍ(Printable character)
206CEÎ(Printable character)
207CFÏ(Printable character)
208D0Ð(Printable character)
209D1Ñ(Printable character)
210D2Ò(Printable character)
211D3Ó(Printable character)
212D4Ô(Printable character)
213D5Õ(Printable character)
214D6Ö(Printable character)
215D7×(Printable character)
216D8Ø(Printable character)
217D9Ù(Printable character)
218DAÚ(Printable character)
219DBÛ(Printable character)
220DCÜ(Printable character)
221DDÝ(Printable character)
222DEÞ(Printable character)
223DFß(Printable character)
224E0à(Printable character)
225E1á(Printable character)
226E2â(Printable character)
227E3ã(Printable character)
228E4ä(Printable character)
229E5å(Printable character)
230E6æ(Printable character)
231E7ç(Printable character)
232E8è(Printable character)
233E9é(Printable character)
234EAê(Printable character)
235EBë(Printable character)
236ECì(Printable character)
237EDí(Printable character)
238EEî(Printable character)
239EFï(Printable character)
240F0ð(Printable character)
241F1ñ(Printable character)
242F2ò(Printable character)
243F3ó(Printable character)
244F4ô(Printable character)
245F5õ(Printable character)
246F6ö(Printable character)
247F7÷(Printable character)
248F8ø(Printable character)
249F9ù(Printable character)
250FAú(Printable character)
251FBû(Printable character)
252FCü(Printable character)
253FDý(Printable character)
254FEþ(Printable character)
255FFÿ(Printable character)