Machine vision has traditionally been a multi-disciplinary skill set, utilizing optics, electronics, and programming among many others.  Keox Technologies knows that a successful project also requires knowledge and experience beyond the technical – for example, rigorous project management practices!

The following is a typical process that Keox works with customers to make sure that a rigorous and successful project would be executed:

A. Initial Discussion

Discuss test and measurement issues you’re experiencing and what the challenges are. How Keox Technologies can help?

B. Define System Specifications, Project Objectives, and Scope of Work

Starting any project with rigor is beneficial. Typically, a Functional Specification either supplied by the customer or jointly developed with Keox (preferred) would assist in precisely understanding the technical challenges and deliverables. The benefit to this approach is in having a fully understood and agreed upon project scope.

C. Proposal and Quote

Keox would present a proposal to satisfy the requirements, along with milestones and other project deliverables. All our proposals include installation, training, and documentation (for example – Machine Specification document to facilitate proper utilities installation at site prior to equipment delivery).

D. Project Initiation and Progress Updates

Beyond Keox delivering appropriate updates and making sure that the project stays on course, Keox insists that our customers become part of the process and manage implementation from day one, thus preventing any last minute surprises. This is accomplished by the customer providing the right person(s) available to Keox as part of the project management process.

E. System Delivery, Installation, Training, and Documentation

Besides merely delivering a working system, Keox believes that a complete handover includes installation (if needed), training, and documentation.

F. Support

It is Keox’s philosophy that we are partners with our customers. To that spirit, Keox offers support to customers after delivery to ensure that the system performs as expected and is well integrated into the manufacturing process.

Keox Philosophy and Operating Values

Keox technical philosophy is to make sure our systems are robust and reliable for a manufacturing / industrial environment. Reliable, good engineering processes and engineering principles are the main-stay of Keox designs. Care is taken on each component to ensure that it integrates well for the overall system.

Keox service philosophy is to make sure we deliver quality work. We work to be responsive to the needs of our customers and ensure that we have the best, high quality solution for our customers.