High Speed Video Monitoring and Recording

Keox Technologies’ High Speed Video Monitoring and Recording enable users to investigate line upsets or other anomalies that are unknown.  This system allows users to investigate, troubleshoot, and document events:

  • Intermittent issues
  • Critical timing anomalies
  • Process understanding and improvements
  • Traceability and verification


Features of our systems:

  • Easy and straightforward – User-Friendly
  • Flexible for unique applications
  • PLC connectivity for industrial use
  • Various trigger methods to catch events (scene trigger, pre/post trigger recording, photosensor trigger, etc.)
  • Easy Event Viewer and File Export tools
  • Add-on image process modules available
  • Includes camera, PC, power supplies, case, and mounts


Standard High Speed Kit

Kit for configured for most applications with a capability of going up to 750 FPS (frame per second) – even faster is possible.


High Resolution Kit

Kit designed for high resolution images up to 14 Megapixel resolution. Paired with the appropriate lens, which Keox can advise for your application, very fine details can be detected.