Keox Technologies, is a Systems Integrator specializing in Machine Vision, Inspection, and Factory Automation.

Keox Technologies is a multi-disciplinary Engineering group with experience in manufacturing, process improvement, and innovative solutions.  Keox Technologies is also capable and adept from Early-Stage Research and Development to Industrialized High Volume Manufacturing.





The investment made with our systems is bound to pay itself back, and more. Our systems are designed, built, and installed at your facility based on a less than 3.5 year ROI. Our innovative solutions enable your factory to be on the cutting edge of technology, with “best design practices” to ensure reliability and robustness.

Production Manager

Keox understands the challenges; we have been there. Your challenge in getting as many quality parts out the door is our challenge. Keox systems are designed for continuous improvement of your production line by being simple to use, robust, and data rich.

Quality Engineer

All too often quality control and quality assurance are interchanged on the manufacturing floor. Quality control means every piece produced is within customer specifications. Quality assurance means we guarantee the performance of our products in the field. Quality assurance is about protecting market share and retaining customers.

Process Engineer

Our systems can provide analytics and statistical metrics, such as Cp and Cpk, allowing for the implementation of Continuous Process Improvement. Measurement from our systems can provide valuable insight to your manufacturing process. Quality Assurance becomes a reality!

Controls Engineer

Keox is a systems integrator working hand-in-hand with Controls Engineers guaranteeing that our systems are well integrated with your manufacturing process. Keox systems are straightforward, easily accessible, and robust from top-to-bottom. Keeping it simple is our design philosophy.


Machine Vision and Inspection Engineering

Controls and Systems Integration

Project and Production Services

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