Keox and Innomiles: Building a Partner Relationship

Keox Technologies, Inc. and Innomiles International Co., Ltd. have announced a strategic partnership offering industrial machine vision solutions for customers in Asia and North America.

Based on the cooperation, Keox Technologies will develop machine vision and other non-contact inspection solutions utilizing resources from Innomiles’ machine vision software and hardware, in addition to developing state-of-the­-art customized inspection solution for end users. The goal of this strategic partnership is in strengthening and expansion of activities in both Asia and North America and building up the following business operation portfolio:

  • Distribution of Innomiles software licenses and hardware components
  • Application consulting
  • Maintenance, service, and extension of Keox Technologies projects in Asia

This co-operation will establish solid business relationship in both Asia and North America by offering reliable and scalable solutions for the manufacturing inspection of industrial vision in different applications.


About Innomiles International Co., Ltd. (

Innomiles teams have been dedicated to identification and industrial applications more than twenty years.  Hardware and software have been designed based on years of firsthand experience working closely with customers.  Innomiles clients can be found in the fields of manufacturing, retail, transportation, food industry, logistics, and healthcare, as well as kiosk.


About Keox Technologies Inc. (

Keox Technologies is dedicated in designing, manufacturing, and integrating machine vision systems and other non-contact technologies used for inspection, measurement, and metrology in USA and Asia.  The engineers at Keox Technologies have in-depth experience with many of the difficult challenges that are encountered in modern-day manufacturing.

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