Keox and Innomiles: Building a Partner Relationship

Keox Technologies, Inc. and Innomiles International Co., Ltd. have announced a strategic partnership offering industrial machine vision solutions for customers in Asia and North America. Based on the cooperation, Keox Technologies will develop machine vision and other non-contact inspection solutions utilizing resources from Innomiles’ machine vision software and hardware, in addition to developing state-of-the­-art customized […]

Why We Need Bold, Long-Term Innovation Strategies

Smart Manufacturing Magazine posted an article that Keox Technologies strongly believe in. We have been advocating similar concepts with industry colleagues, partners, and customers. This article articulates very well the less obvious, yet very significant, facts of how manufacturing innovation is crucial in driving the market and economy. An economic rule-of-thumb is that wherever manufacturing […]

ASCII Table with Descriptions – Machine Vision Software Code Reference

ASCII, acronym for “American Standard Code for Information Interchange”, was developed in the 1960’s but is still in important use today.  We often need access to the ASCII table when coding our applications.  Therefore, the following is a handy reference that we’d like to share with fellow engineers. The standard table has 128 characters, using […]

Equipment and Project Safety – Machine Vision Design and Installation

“Safety First!” – as cliché as it sounds and sometimes even said in humor, it is a very important statement.  It is a deep conviction by the employees, managers, and owners of Keox Technologies, that NOBODY will get hurt or injured – employees, customers, vendors and anyone else.  Although it’s a 24-hour constant task, one […]

There’s a Black and a Darker Black – Controlling Color

Keox Technologies was given an application by a client where they needed to differentiate colors of powder coated metal.  The challenge is that some powder being Electrically Spray Deposited (ESD) were very similar in color such that the human eye cannot easily distinguish the coating result.  Additionally, natural process variability of the powder coating process, […]